About the program

The McKinsey Mentoring program is designed to connect you with us. By applying you will be given a chance to work with an international company that has more than 125 offices across the world in the biggest cities such as New York, Beijing or Moscow.

From improving your skills and experience to connecting with international brand that specialize in marketing and consulting services. We will provide you with individual career guidance and insights into how to work effectively and how to avoid mistakes made by many unexperienced employees.

Why should you join us?

Every student who passes a test will be assigned to a Mentor. Every aspect of our bussines life will
be easily explained and you will be given a chance to try yourself in a professional environment. This
is a perfect opportunity for you to start your carrier.

In a nutshell:

• You will be taken care of by our mentors, who will answer all of your questions
• You will be introduced to a professional bussines life by experienced people
• You will be guided along the path of carrier
• You will work in a friendly and caring team of proffesionals.

Do not wait, apply for a mentor now!

The schedule:

From 9th December:

First day of collecting the online forms

till 22nd December

Last day to send your application

1st January – 31th January:

Mentors will be assigned to the selected applicants