About Project

Have you ever wondered how to start your career? Are you eager to dive into a real-life business adventure? Would you like to meet experienced mentors who could help you and above all connect you with extraordinary people?

If so, this project is for you!

All you need to do is apply and pass the test. But not to worry… The project is meant for all Wroclaw students who want more than just studying. That means, no experience needed, although it would be appreciated. Take the action and try yourself with McKinsey today!

Do not wait for the opportunity! Create it!

What to expect?


– An opportunity to try your business and analytical skills in action

– An opportunity to work with professionals in a safe and fun environment

– An opportunity to build a relation with your mentor, discuss business topics and get advice on your carrier path

– An opportunity to understand how McKinsey&Company works.

How, what, when:

1. To apply for the project all you need is motivation and a completed Application Form until 22nd of December. All the confirmations will be sent in January.

2. All positive applicants will then be tested. We will check your language skills for now!

3. About 15 best participants will get an official invitation to join the McKinsey Mentoring Program.

4. After accepting the invitation all winners will be assigned to mentors. You will get to know them better during meetings.

Are you ready to take an action and shape your own future carrier? The McKinsey Mentoring Program starts soon!